12-month subscriptions now available for Skyfire: save ~25%


Skyfire screenshot - landscape

The new 3.6 update to TPE for iOS adds a 12-month subscription option for Skyfire, offering a saving of around 25% over the 3-month option for both basic and Plus offerings.

There’s also a 12-month upgrade option.

Upgrades work like this: if you subscribe to the basic product, and then decide at a later point that you’d like to upgrade, then you can purchase one of the upgrade products (which one depends on the duration of your active subscription). We’ll upgrade you to Plus for the rest of the subscription and then extend that subscription pro rate to give you credit for any of the time you’d already used in your basic sub.

If you’re already a subscriber you’ll be able to renew your subscription during the last month of its validity. At that time you’ll be able to select either a 3- or 12-month renewal period. The 12-month upgrade is available to active subscribers with 4-12 months remaining, so you won’t see that option until you’ve renewed with one of the 12-month subscription packages.

Skyfire Plus extends the forecast window from +2 to +4 days and adds the ability to configure push notifications so you are alerted whenever a great sunrise or sunset is forecast at any of favorite locations. This setting is entirely customizable so you only get notified for the locations you care about within a timeframe that you set (e.g. +1, +2 or +3 days).

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