A New Company: Skyfire Services LLC


Skyfire screenshot - landscape

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve formed a new jointly owned company, Skyfire Services LLC, with Matthew Kuhns to take Skyfire forward.

Until now, we (Crookneck Consulting LLC) had licensed the right to market Skyfire from Matt. While that worked well, we both felt that we’d be in a better position to do more with Skyfire if we joined forces and created a new company. 

It’s taken a while to get there for a whole bunch of reasons (some business, some personal), but we’re happy to announce that the new company is up and running now.

Our first task is to release a beta of Skyfire for Android. While we ran a beta of Skyfire within TPE for Android last year, this will be a new standalone app from the new company. You’ll be able to subscribe in the new app, and the plan is to make the functionality available in TPE for Android as well, so you can choose which app you prefer to view it in.

We’ll be putting out a call for testers as soon as the beta is finalized via the Skyfire Mailing list (scroll down the page to sign up) and (if not oversubscribed) via the TPE mailing list too (sign up via the link below).

We’re excited to be able to move forward with Skyfire and at last start reaching other platforms, new territories and new features.