A sister app for TPE: The Photographer's Transit


The Photographer's Transit screenshots

Shortly before the new iPhone and iOS7 launches, a new app quietly slipped out the door: The Photographer’s Transit.

Photo Transit (its abbreviated name – we like our long, twisty app names here on photoephemeris.com :) ), is a digital shot planning tool for outdoor photographers. If you like to plan your shots with TPE, we think you’ll love doing so with Photo Transit.

The app allows you to set up your own virtual kit bag of camera bodies and lenses and then visualize, using Google Maps™ and Google Street View™, both the horizontal and vertical field of view for your shot. With the ability to set camera and subject positions and heights, camera pitch, orientation, and directly control focal length, you can get a great sense of the right lens to use in a particular location.

The vertical field of view and elevation profile tools build on TPE’s geodetics function to allow you plot the visible terrain between camera and subject, so you can determine what will be in view. The vertical field of view is overlaid on the apparent altitude chart, so you can see how much of a mountainside, or building can be accommodated in the shot.

The app supports three different elevation data sources: Google Elevation, SRTM3 and AsterGDEM, allowing you to choose the best source for your location. SRTM3 and AsterGDEM data is automatically stored for offline use.

In addition, the app offers Open Street View and Open Cycle Map Topographic maps, both of which are available offline.

Once you have your shot planned, Photo Transit allows you to save the entire setup into a project. You can share individual shot plans or entire projects with friends via email. A KML file is included so you can load the data into Google Earth&trade or your favourite GPS app.

We have a shot sharing web-site available so you can share shot setups with friends and colleagues whether or not they have the app. You can check it out now: share.phototransit.com

You can open TPE directly from within Photo Transit today, and with the next TPE for iOS update, you can go in the reverse direction, making it easy to move back and forth between the two tools. We’re going to be adding further Photo Transit integration features to TPE in the coming weeks also.

An example

Aspen at Daniel's Pass

As an example, here’s a photo taken earlier today while driving from Salt Lake City, Utah to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We drove along route US40, out of Heber City and discovered some aspen stands in great condition.

While most aspen trees turn yellow in autumn, some groups display more intense oranges and reds, as seen above, and they tend to do so consistently year after year. From what we saw this morning, it looks like this is a very good group indeed.

I can use Photo Transit to record the shot details and share them with friends

Photo Transit Screenshot

The shot plan includes the location, direction of the subject, camera, lens and focal length choices.

I can even use Google StreetView to get a sense of the shot itself, plus any alternative views that look promising that I’d like to plan for the next visit:

Photo Transit Screenshot

And, with the shot planned, you can share it with your friends and followers:

Find out more

Photo Transit is available today for iPad. You can find out more at phototransit.com