Apple Maps: much improved satellite imagery in the UK


Poor resolution (lower right) Much improved

  1. Left: Missing tiles (Sunday)
  2. Centre: Poor resolution (Sunday)
  3. Right: Much better (Wednesday)

We’re seeing some major improvements in Apple Maps satellite coverage of the UK today.

We’ve checked a good few locations, including Shrewsbury, Bamburgh, south of Fort William, and per the screen shots above, Milton Keynes. These are all locations where we’d seen problems in the past including very poor resolution (Shrewsbury), black and white imagery (Bamburgh), mis-matched images (Fort William), and missing map tiles (Milton Keynes).

Looking at the images above, the first (left) is screenshot from Sunday morning, showing map tiles missing entirely within TPE. The same location in the Maps App had tiles, but they were low resolution (centre). Checking again today, the same location seems much improved (right).

You can click on the images to see them at 100% – the improvement in map resolution is marked.

If you’re seeing improvements in your area too, please let us know via Twitter/FB/G+.