Beta testers wanted: TPE for iOS

UPDATE (Nov 5): many thanks to everyone who signed up – we’ve had a good response and will be closing the sign-up survey for now. If further spots become available in the future, we’ll open it up again and will post on Twitter/FB/G+

We’re looking to expand our team of regular beta testers for TPE for iOS. If you’d be interested in helping, read on!

With a new generation of iOS devices on the market, and with the growing userbase, we’d like to improve our geographic and device coverage across the test team.

We’re looking for TPE for iOS users from a variety of backgrounds and locations who are willing to download test builds, try them out and provide feedback.

The upside for you? Early access to new versions of TPE and the opportunity to influence direction and features. The upside for us? More extensive testing, broader feedback and, hopefully, a better app.

How it works Website

Here’s how the beta testing works. We use a great service called TestFlightApp to distribute the beta versions.

  • Complete our Beta Trial survey (link below)
  • If we’re able to offer you a place, sign up to our beta testing distribution service (TestFlight)
  • Register your devices
  • Periodically, you’ll receive a notification that a new beta test build is available
  • Install the new build
  • Test it!
  • Provide feedback

What we ask

There are a couple of things we ask of testers.

If offered a place, you’ll be asked to accept our Beta Trial agreement. The main things it covers are: (i) it’s beta software and it might not work properly; (ii) you agree that we can act on any feedback or ideas you send us; (iii) it’s confidential – please don’t blog/tweet or post about the beta without getting the nod from us first; (iv) we don’t owe each other anything (beyond what’s in the agreement).

We only have a limited number of places in the beta trial (as there is a hard limit of 100 testing devices per year from Apple). Therefore, before you sign up, please be certain that you’re happy to take the time to install the test builds and to provide feedback.

How to sign up

If you've made it this far, you might be ready to sign up. Here’s a link to a short survey (honest – it really is short!):

We'll take a few days to gauge the level of interest and then, if we’re able to offer you a place, we’ll be back in touch via email.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop us a line (email address is on the support page). Thanks!