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  • Today, we’re updating the TPE web app to version 1.1.

    The most significant aspect of the new update is the release of Location Synchronization.

    If you’re a regular user of TPE, you probably have built up a reasonable sized list of saved photography locations. While it’s long been possible to import/export your locations as KML in the desktop app, many of you have asked about the ability to synchronize the lists automatically across multiple machines.

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  • At the time of writing, nothing. But less than 48 hours from now, TPE for Desktop (the original Adobe AIR version) will stop working.

    I imagine that’s why you’re now reading this page. Here’s the short version of the story and what to do next.

    TPE for Desktop was built using Adobe AIR which is a variant of Flash. The maps functionality was provided by Google Maps for Flash API. Back in 2011, Google announced that it was deprecating the Flash API and that it would be turned off altogether after 3 years. That time has now come (2 Sep 2014).

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  • One month from today, if you boot up the TPE for Desktop Adobe AIR, this is likely what you will see:

    Initialization failed

    As previously announced, On 2 September 2014, Google will permanently turn off the Google Maps for Flash API, and TPE for Desktop will be no more – at least the Adobe AIR app will be no more.

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  • Many thanks to those of you who have provided feedback over the past few days on the desktop web app. It’s always invaluable to get input from our enthusiastic early adopters.

    I know many of you are long-time TPE users, so I’m particularly keen to hear your experiences.

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  • Some significant news for users of TPE for Desktop: two months from now, on 2 September 2014, TPE for Desktop will be no more.

    On that date Google will turn off the Google Maps for Flash API, upon which TPE for Desktop depends. Once that happens, the app will no longer function.

    Of course, we’ve known about this for a while, and have been working on a new version so that TPE will live on uninterrupted!

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  • Today, we’re releasing TPE for Android 1.1.

    This is a significant update that adds some great new map features. We’ve made us of Google’s Android Maps API v2, which has allowed us to add a bunch of new features, including:

    • Terrain maps – long awaited!
    • Map rotation – twist with two fingers to rotate, tap the compass needle to return to north
    • Map tilt – push up on the map with two fingers to tilt it, pull down again to restore to an overhead view

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  • Right now, TPE for iOS version 2.5 is on its way to the App Store.

    We’ve added a couple of new features that have been requested in recent months. Both are available in the Settings page:

    • Magnetic headings
    • Optional moon azimuth lines

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  • This evening, we released a minor update to TPE for Android, bringing it to version 1.0.5.

    It’s a been a good while since the last update. However, in the intervening months, we’ve seen some encouraging growth in the user base, and some real improvements in the Android platform and ecosystem.

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