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  • Today, we’re releasing TPE for Android 1.1.

    This is a significant update that adds some great new map features. We’ve made us of Google’s Android Maps API v2, which has allowed us to add a bunch of new features, including:

    • Terrain maps – long awaited!
    • Map rotation – twist with two fingers to rotate, tap the compass needle to return to north
    • Map tilt – push up on the map with two fingers to tilt it, pull down again to restore to an overhead view

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  • Right now, TPE for iOS version 2.5 is on its way to the App Store.

    We’ve added a couple of new features that have been requested in recent months. Both are available in the Settings page:

    • Magnetic headings
    • Optional moon azimuth lines

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  • This evening, we released a minor update to TPE for Android, bringing it to version 1.0.5.

    It’s a been a good while since the last update. However, in the intervening months, we’ve seen some encouraging growth in the user base, and some real improvements in the Android platform and ecosystem.

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  • We use a variety of different locations in our series of step-by-step tutorials for TPE for Desktop. At the time the tutorials were written, there was no easy way to import or export saved locations from the app.

    However, since the release of TPE for Desktop 1.1.1, location import/export has been possible, using KML (Keyhole Markup Language).

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  • When TPE for iOS was first released in April 2010, we had to put a dedicated website together for the app.

    It’s one of those things that is easily overlooked (at least the first time around): you spend weeks and months polishing the app, and the excitement of being ready to release rather overwhelms any interest in standing up a new site…

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