Expanded "Blood Supermoon" details now in TPE for iOS

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The September full moon – traditionally known as the Harvest Moon – has long been one of the more popular full moons of the year, it seems.

This year’s promises to be a spectacular one: not only is it the largest full moon of 2015 (i.e. a “supermoon” in modern media/astrological parlance), but it is accompanied by a total lunar eclipse (or a “blood” moon, according to the more excitable elements of the press).

We’ll be publishing more over the coming days on how and where to shoot this event, but to get the ball rolling, we’ve just added new events to TPE for iOS detailing the key timings and phases of the event.

Just tap the date at the top of the screen in TPE for iOS to see the newly added events for partial eclipse start and end, totality start and end.

Choose an event to read more details and then tap Select to go the precise date and time. You can then immediately see where the moon will be in your location to help plan your shoot.

"Blood Supermoon" details in TPE for iOS

Note: this event will occur on the evening of Sep 27 for those in the Americas, and in the early hours of Sep 28 for Europe/Africa. TPE will always use the time zone applicable for the location of the red pin, so you don’t need to do the time calculations yourself.

Watch this space for more information on the supermoon in the coming days!