Last night's eclipse


Total Lunar Eclipse, April 15 2014

Here’s what I captured from last night’s eclipse.

This is a composite sequence showing the moon during totality. The image on the right is the earliest, taken at the start of totality, and the image on the left is the last, showing the moon right at the end of totality.

These were taken in our back yard using a Nikon 70-300mm at 300mm on a D800.

I’d looked into to trying a sequence in the front of the Flatirons, but the main event was taking place too far to the south to get much of a decent angle. So, I decided to go for the simple telephoto shot of the moon only.

We’ve been moving house over the past week, so rather than stay up for the entire event (i.e. from start to end of penumbral eclipse), I decided to get some early sleep, and set the alarm for 12:40am and get up in time for the end of the partial eclipse. That made for an enjoyable 2 hours of moon photography, while following what was going on on Twitter in between shots – there was lots of eclipse news and photos from around the Americas and Australia!