Photo Planning App Bundle Now Available


TPE and Photo Transit App Bundle

This week we’ve made The Photographer’s Ephemeris and The Photographer’s Transit available as an app bundle on the App Store.

Buy them together and you can save over 25% on the individual apps bought separately. What’s more, if you already own one of the apps in the bundle, you can use the “Complete My Bundle” feature to obtain the other at a discounted price.

Complete My Bundle credits customers for any apps they’ve already purchased within a bundle, so that they only pay the balance for the remaining apps.

If you’re not familiar with The Photographer’s Transit, it is a complementary shot planning tool to TPE. You can define your camera and lenses within the app and then explore both horizontal and vertical field of view using the familiar map and elevation profile techniques you’ve seen in TPE. You can move back and forth between TPE and Photo Transit using the sharing features of each app.

The Photographer’s Transit also includes a project and shot planning feature that allows you to create multiple projects and save your planned shots together with reference notes, links and images.

The Photographer’s Transit is currently available on iPad. (We’ll be working on an iPhone version for release later in the year.)

TPT screenshot