Some updates to the new desktop web app


Full screen mode in TPE Web 0.9.4

Full screen mode in TPE Web 0.9.4

Many thanks to those of you who have provided feedback over the past few days on the desktop web app. It’s always invaluable to get input from our enthusiastic early adopters.

I know many of you are long-time TPE users, so I’m particularly keen to hear your experiences.

We’ve pushed out an update this evening (version 0.9.4 for those of you who track such things). It has a few important updates:

Download speed and page size

We’ve tweaked our server settings to decrease the total page download size by around 40%. Which should help :)

Full screen mode

We changed the way full screen mode operates. Given that many of you like to have the map as large as possible, full screen mode now hides the event timeline and chart, but keeps the time of day slider visible. You can use this, together with the shift key, to see how the sun and moon move through the day.

The critical azimuth/altitude information is visible in the time slider legend. That together with the “magic hour” circle (press Shift), let’s you explore the light through the day with the minimum of screen real estate lost to other numeric or chart information.

New settings

To provide some choices for users with different display sizes and preferences, we’ve added two new settings:

  • Widescreen: this will toggle the display consume the majority of the width of the display at all times (rather than just in full screen mode)
  • Show civil twilight only: you can check this option to dispense with the nautical and astronomical twilight events in the timeline (which are only relevant to certain types of photography), thus conserving width on smaller displays and avoiding the need for horizontal scrolling so often

Moon Phase Events

Two new date selection controls at the top of the screen: you can now jump between moon phase events at the click of a button. In addition to the date, the exact time of day is set from the time of the moon phase event.

This is a great way to skip forward and back by a week or so at a time, so if you’re looking to see the sun rise/set direction move noticeably, these controls have that task covered too.

UI improvements

We’re continuing to refine the UI, and you’ll probably notice several small changes. For example, we flipped the colours on the time of day slider to make it stand out more.


Er, yes. One or two. We’ve fixed a few. There’ll surely be more. Just as no battle plan survives contact with the enemy… ;)

Updated Quick Start Guide

There’s now a Help section on the right hand side, with a link to an updated Quick Start Guide with full details on how to use the web app.

Please keep the feedback coming, and we’ll keep polishing!