The Hottest Places On Earth


With temperature records falling in Sydney, Australia and our recent visit to Death Valley National Park, I was interested to see a recent Economist article showing a map of the hottest places on earth:

I entered these locations into TPE and it confirmed that if you live anywhere between 27° and 38° either north or south of the equator, you’re likely close to one of the hottest places on earth:

Hottest Places on Earth

My hazy memory of an oceanography class I took years ago suggest that these latitudes – outside the tropics – end up hottest on account of the Hadley Cell that drops tropical heat straight onto these areas.

Here’s a KML file you can import into TPE for Desktop or open in TPE for iOS, containing the hottest places on earth:

A KML file containing the locations of 8 of the hottest places on earth, as reported by the Economist on January 9th 2013.
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