TPE and TPE 3D updates

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We’ve released two updates today to TPE and TPE 3D on iOS.

TPE 4.0 adds a number of new features:

- Augmented Reality using ARKit: sun, moon, milky way, stars and asterisms (requires iPhone 6s or later, 2017 iPad and iOS 11)
- Continuous scrolling altitude chart with event markers for the map view
- Open in TPE 3D option in Share/Action (please ensure you have the TPE 3D 1.2 update installed – check in the App Store if you haven’t received it yet)
- Refreshed UI for iOS 11

Some notable features of the new AR screen:

- Adjustable scale for sun/moon (1×, 2×, 4×, 8×)
- Moon is shown with accurate illumination for its current phase
- “Light ball” shows color temperature and direction on an 18% grey sphere
- Azimuth/altitude indicators point directly to the sun, moon and galactic centre
- Live time tracking for simple manual compass calibration
- Screen capture button added to AR view (for convenience)
- Altitude and azimuth lines highlighted when sun or moon pass by (rise/set/transit and twilight phase boundaries for the sun)
- Haptic feedback (vibrate) as sun and moon rise set

TPE 3D is updated to 1.2, with the following changes:

- UI updates for iOS 11
- Adds support for “Open in TPE 3D” from the Activity/Share sheet in TPE 4.0 (via Universal Links)

You can now set up a shot plan in TPE 4.0 and then choose Share/Open in TPE 3D: the shot will open with your map pins in place and date/time set – double tap a pin to fly directly to it and see the shot in 3D.

Here’s a quick demo of ‘Open in TPE 3D” in action:

Demo – Open in TPE 3D from Crookneck Apps on Vimeo.