TPE for Desktop Tutorial Locations KML


Tutorial Part 4 Step 3

We use a variety of different locations in our series of step-by-step tutorials for TPE for Desktop. At the time the tutorials were written, there was no easy way to import or export saved locations from the app.

However, since the release of TPE for Desktop 1.1.1, location import/export has been possible, using KML (Keyhole Markup Language).

As a convenience, I’ve collected together all the locations used or mentioned in the tutorials as a KML file that you can import into your own copy of TPE. There are 12 locations in total, labelled by tutorial part number, available here:

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To import locations into TPE for Desktop, just choose Locations, then click Import:

Location import instructions

You can also open this file in TPE for iOS and import them onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – just click on the download link, then choose Open in TPE from the Action menu. (We’re working on KML import for Android too.)

If you haven’t worked through the tutorials, they give a good grounding in how to get the most out of TPE. If you’d like to know more than just sunrise/sunset, they’re worth checking out: