TPE for iOS updated to 2.5


New Settings in TPE for iOS 2.5

Right now, TPE for iOS version 2.5 is on its way to the App Store.

We’ve added a couple of new features that have been requested in recent months. Both are available in the Settings page:

  • Magnetic headings
  • Optional moon azimuth lines

Use magnetic north

When enabled, all azimuths, bearings and headings are calculated relative to magnetic north instead of true north. We calculate the magnetic declination (the offset from true north) for the primary pin location and for the selected date, using the World Magnetic Model 2010. This is the best generally available model for magnetic declination and is, I believe, what iOS (and Android) both already use.

The problem with iOS is that Apple’s APIs only allow you to calculate the declination for the current date/time and actual physical device location. For that reason, we bundle our own copy of WMM with TPE, which allows us to use the app in a planning mode, giving the magnetic declination for a remote location on a different date. There are more details in the help file.

We were prompted to add support for magnetic headings after receiving some wonderfully rich and detailed emails from a professional cinematographer working in California. These emails explained how cinematographers use Suunto Tandem compasses to determine bearings while scouting or planning locations. The absence of support for magnetic headings made TPE difficult to use for this purpose, so we’re happy now to have it included.

Moon azimuth lines

A few users have requested the option to disable the moon lines from the map display in recent months. This setting likely goes nicely hand-in-hand with the new magnetic heading setting, as I suspect most cinematographers care far more about the sun than the moon.

Anyway, if you’re lunaphobic, you can now rid your map of all things moon-related :)

Up next

We’re currently working on an update to TPE for Android which we hope will go out for beta testing in the next day or so. We think you’ll like the features it adds!

Comments, questions or suggestions

We’re always keen to hear your comments on TPE. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via