TPE Web App 1.1 and Location Synchronization

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Location Sychronization

Today, we’re updating the TPE web app to version 1.1.

The most significant aspect of the new update is the release of Location Synchronization.

If you’re a regular user of TPE, you probably have built up a reasonable sized list of saved photography locations. While it’s long been possible to import/export your locations as KML in the desktop app, many of you have asked about the ability to synchronize the lists automatically across multiple machines.

Location Synchronization allows you to do exactly that, free of charge for up to 1,000 saved locations per account. To get started with Location Sync, go to the Locations page within TPE for Desktop and sign up for an account.

In addition to Location Sync, there are a few notable improvements and fixes in 1.1:

  • Infinite scrolling on the locations page: this improves load time and performance significantly for those of you with a large number of saved locations – just keep scrolling down to load more locations from your list.
  • The timezone database has been updated reflecting recent changes, in particular the new time zone rules affecting many parts of Russia
  • Incorrect time labeling on the chart affecting Daylight saving dates (i.e. today in the USA) are now fixed

We’ll be adding Location Sync into the mobile versions of TPE in the coming weeks (once we get our iOS 8 update complete).

In the meantime, we hope you like the 1.1 web app release!