Two New eBooks for Landscape Photographers


I’ve had the pleasure of reading two new eBooks recently, both written by users of TPE.

The Golden Hours

Firstly, The Golden Hours: A Guide to Photographing the Light of Sunrises and Sunsets by Maine-based photographer Christopher O’Donnell.

The Golden Hours

The Golden Hours is a highly practical guide to how to achieve effective results when shooting around the times of sunrise and sunset. Artistry aside, the practical factors leading to a successful photograph can be divided into three parts: planning, execution and post-production. The Golden Hours does a great job of breaking things down along these lines, providing sound advice on how to achieve high quality results.

In addition, the eBook is lavishly illustrated with Chris’s own distinctive photography. The book includes a good number of coastal images, attractively combining beaches, lighthouses, jettys and boats with golden hour skies in a stylish way.

Chris’s book is available here.

Photographing Rocky Mountain National Park

The second book is Photographing Rocky Mountain National Park by my friend Erik Stensland.

Photographing Rocky Mountain National Park

Erik almost certainly has the finest portfolio of images from Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park that exists, and this book is the best and most comprehensive guide to photographing it yourself.

The book is organized primarily according to the geography of the park, with sections on Fall River Road, Bear Lake Road, Highway 7, Trail Ridge Road and the Grand Lake Area. Each location is illustrated with one of Erik’s own photographs. Even better, each photograph is accompanied by GPS coordinates, hiking round trip distance, best time and suggested lens focal length. (Clearly, the intention here is not that you should slavishly seek to reproduce Erik’s photographs, but rather, given that time is a constraint for many photographers, that you should maximize your chances of returning with some great results having ventured out with the right equipment at the right time.)

Photographing Rocky Mountain National Park is the first of a series The Landscape Photographer’s Guide, and of course, we approve of the use of the definite article in the series title ;)

Erik’s new eBook is available here.

I also want to thank both Chris and Erik for recommending TPE in their eBooks. It’s great to know that TPE helps in the creation of such high quality photography.