Understanding Light eBook

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Co-authored with renowned Scottish photographer Bruce Percy, Understanding Light discusses both the practical use of TPE to plan and execute landscape photographs and the theory of natural light of the sun and moon.

With examples from locations around the world, including Bolivia, Iceland, Patagonia and Scotland, Bruce Percy discusses how TPE helps the photographer plan to maximize shooting opportunities on the ground.

“Rather than a point-by-point ‘how to’ manual, the book explores at a high level some of the science behind natural light, and illustrates key points with a number of case studies where I explain the thinking and planning behind some of my images.”

The eBook covers the free Desktop version of TPE, but the principles are equally applicable to all versions of the app.

In addition to Understanding Light, Bruce has a wide variety of other eBooks available, covering technique, locations and his personal philosophy of photography – well worth investigating.

Finally, Bruce has two hard cover books available, The Art of Adventure – 40 Photographic Examples and Iceland – A Journal of Nocturnes:

Iceland; A Journal of Nocturnes

The Art of Adventure - 40 Photographic Examples

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