The Photographer's Ephemeris ®

It's all about the light.

See how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth.

Photo Ephemeris helps you plan outdoor photography in natural light. It's a map-based Sun, Moon, and Milky Way calculator. Plan your shot with perfect precision.

Photo Ephemeris Web Pro

“ One of the most useful apps for any nature photographer. ”


“ Head and shoulders above the crowd is The Photographer’s Ephemeris. Odd name, great app. ”


Understand natural light

The Photographer's Ephemeris is especially designed for photographers working with natural light. If you're shooting landscape, wildlife, architecture, real estate, weddings, or natural light portraits, Photo Ephemeris will tell you everything you need to know about sunlight, moonlight, and starlight.
See directional light on a map
See the exact direction of sunrise and sunset on the ideal map for your location. Follow the changing direction of the sun across the day as you adjust the selected time.
Plan for the future
Choose the dates you're interested in. Whether your trip is tomorrow or ten years from now, you can check out light conditions past, present and future.
The timeline includes key celestial events of the day, including rise, set, civil/nautical/astronomical twilight times, golden hour, moon phase events, new moon visibility and more.

Night or day

Planning night photography? Photo Ephemeris has what you need: rise and set of the galactic centre, a 3D visualization of the band of the Milky Way, meteor showers and more. Our iOS app includes major stars, asterisms and lunar eclipses, so you can plan the perfect 'blood supermoon' shot.
Night photography essentials
Photo Ephemeris tells you when astronomical twilight ends, when the moon is new, and when the Galactic Centre, the most photogenic part of the Milky Way, will rise - the essential data for night photography planning.
Milky Way in 3D
To achieve the perfectly composed Milky Way shot, you'll want to know how the band of stars will stretch across the sky. Photo Ephemeris gives you a 3D representation showing the orientation of the arch of the Milky Way - ideal for visualizing your shot.
Meteors and more
See details of upcoming major meteor showers and more. Our iOS app shows lunar and solar eclipse information, plus positions of major stars and asterisms, such as the 'Teapot'.
Night photography screenshot, iOS app

Augmented Reality and 3D

When 2D isn't enough, Photo Ephemeris includes 3D graphics to help you visualize and plan more effectively. Evaluate the angle of light or the position of the sun, moon or Milky Way using our advanced tools.
Augmented Reality
Photo Ephemeris on iPhone/iPad includes AR (augmented reality) so you can see the sun, moon and Milky Way overlaid directly on your device's camera feed - ideal for scouting future shots on location, or getting perfectly lined up just before full moonrise.
3D Celestial Sphere
On desktops or laptops where augmented reality is not possible, Photo Ephemeris Web includes a 3D Celestial Sphere integrated with the geodetics and visual search features.
Sunlight, moonlight, starlight in 3D
For the ultimate 3D photo planning, use The Photographer's Ephemeris 3D, a unique mobile app for iOS, to see a three dimensional map of the landscape lit by realistic directional light and shadows - perfect for landscape photographers composing photos with mountains or hills.