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The Photographer's Ephemeris® has been helping professional and hobby photographers plan and execute great shots in natural light since 2009. Available for both desktop and mobile devices, Photo Ephemeris provides a toolset aimed at any photographer working with natural light. Beyond our core constituency of landscape and architectural photographers, Photo Ephemeris is used by videographers, cinematographers, archeologists, archictectural design firms, accident investigators, law enforcement, and more.


Photo Ephemeris was conceived in 2008 following a landscape photography course in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. After a classroom session that required use of paper-based topographic maps, protractor, calculator, pencil and ruler, it felt like the time had come for a digital tool built using online maps.

The original 'TPE for Desktop' was released as a beta in March 2009 and quickly found a following online. An iPhone app was released in April 2010 and enhanced to support iPad later that year. TPE for Android was first released in November 2011.

In 2014, on the retirement of Google Maps for Flash, the original TPE for Desktop was replaced by a browser-based web app. This was rebuilt again in 2020 and is available as Photo Ephemeris Web.

Our iOS app has been enhanced significantly over the years to include augmented reality, 3D map overlays, location synchronization, Skyfire, night mode (Milky Way, stars, asterisms), and more. We also expanded our portfolio, adding The Photographer’s Transit, a digital field of view and shot planning application and released The Photographer's Ephemeris 3D, the ultimate tool for mountain landscape photography planning and visualization.

Since its original release, Photo Ephemeris and its sister apps have been used by hundreds of thousands of photographers, both amateur and professional, in over 220 countries around the world to plan some of the most distinctive photographs of our times.

About Crookneck Consulting LLC

Crookneck Consulting was founded by Stephen Trainor and Alison Craig.

Originally from the UK and Australia, we took up landscape photography after moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2007. As keen scuba divers, the plan had been to do underwater photography. Instead, finding ourselves in the beauty of the American Southwest, landscape photography proved the perfect way to explore the region.

We don't really do any consulting nowadays, but instead work primarily on publishing software products, primarily Photo Ephemeris.

If you're involved in the real estate business, you might also be interested in our new venture over at Insolation.com.

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