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Skyfire available in Photo Ephemeris Web

We're excited to announce that Skyfire, the weather forecasting service for photographers, is now available in beta in Photo Ephemeris Web. The Skyfire team has worked hard over the past 18 months, completely rebuilding the back end platform (the new 'v3' platform) to support a whole host of improvements, including:

Events list now included in Photo Ephemeris Web 2.8

Photo Ephemeris Web 2.8 was just released today. We've added a new UI component to list out the key celestial events for the year.

Cityscapes, Skylines, and Tall Buildings

We've recently added some capabilities to Photo Ephemeris Web Pro to make it much easier to plan shots which align the Sun, Moon or Galactic Center with a man-made object - typically a tall building.

November Updates: Skyfire v3 for Europe, Web App polishing

A couple of updates for November. North America forecasts have been available in TPE for iOS 4.10 for a few weeks now. Next up, we're adding Europe to v3. This will be available in a forthcoming app update (4.11) which is currently in beta testing.

Skyfire v3 Platform Coming Soon

The team at our sister company Skyfire Services LLC has been hard at work building an all new v3 backend platform this year. We're pleased to share that it's going to be launching soon.


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