It's all about the light.

A new website for 2021


As you might have noticed if you've visited previously, we've overhauled the website.

It's a ground-up rewrite - probably the fifth such since the first version launched in 2010. What started out as a hand-coded single-page html site with some minimal styling and images has progressed by way of Drupal 😣 , Textpattern 😘, (but I think it's had its day), and Squarespace 😕 .

Squarespace is fine for throwing something up quickly and efficiently that looks smart, and the pricing is perfectly reasonable. They do a decent job with SEO too. Site performance on mobile is poor though and if you're looking to up your game in terms of the level of technical integrations you can achieve, things become increasingly tricky.

But the biggest issue is maintainability, I found. Maybe there's a way to test out new pages/styles/content without pushing to your live production site, but if there is, I never discovered it. Making changes gets scary and there's no easy way to revert to an earlier version (or to version the site at all), as far as I can tell.

So instead, the new site is built using the same core technology (React) as the recent 2.0 version of Photo Ephemeris Web. Moreover, we're using some exciting new(ish) technology to power it all (Next.js hosted on Vercel, Tailwind CSS, Strapi 'headless' CMS) all with static site generation for super fast performance and rendering.

I don't care - I'm a photographer

That's fair enough! However, we hope you'll enjoy the faster loading, more responsive site and appreciate the visual overhaul.

We'll also have multiple language support in the near future - all the <British English On>under-the-bonnet</British English Off> work is done; the translations will be coming soon.

I'm particularly fond of the new serif font we're using, Cormorant Garamond, designed by Christian Thalmann of Catharsis Fonts. Be sure to check out this site to learn about the incredibly thoughtful work that went into making it: Cormorant by Catharsis Fonts.