It's all about the light.

Cityscapes, Skylines, and Tall Buildings

Full moonrise behind the Chrysler Building

Photo Credit: © Fred Greco, All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

We've recently added some capabilities to Photo Ephemeris Web Pro to make it much easier to plan shots which align the Sun, Moon or Galactic Center with a man-made object - typically a tall building. If you're lucky enough to live near a city with a photogenic skyline, it's possible to capture some very striking images if you align the Moon, for example, with particular buildings.

With Photo Ephemeris Web Pro, there are now three ways you can plan shots aligned with buildings of known height:

  • In the Altitude Chart, toggle the chart legend to display the apparent height and size of the Sun/Moon/GC at the secondary map pin
  • With Geodetics enabled, you can now specify an elevation offset and building footprint size for the primary and/or the secondary map pins
  • In Visual Search, you can enter a target height parameter which will calculate the required altitude in degrees

What does all that mean? You can find out all the details by reading our new tutorial:

Using Photo Ephemeris Web, Part 10: Shooting Buildings and Other Objects

If you have any questions or suggestions on the new features, be sure to get in touch!

PS. If you're using TPE for iOS, remember you can enter building and object heights on the shadows page to plan these shots