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Events list now included in Photo Ephemeris Web 2.8

Events list

Photo Ephemeris Web 2.8 was just released today.

We've added a new UI component to list out the key celestial events for the year. Previously, you could move from one event to the next using the buttons to the right of the date selection, or by clicking an event for the selected date in the timeline.

With the new Events list, you can get a better sense of timing and frequency of events, plus see what's included at a glance. The list will scroll automatically to the nearest event when it is opened. You'll find the following events included there:

  • Moon Phases (new, 1st quarter, full, 3rd quarter)
  • Lunar Perigee and Apogee (i.e. when the moon makes its closest approach to Earth and when it is at its most distant)
  • Lunar Eclipses (penumbral, partial, total, moment of greatest eclipse - the next eclipse is coming up in May 2022)
  • Equinoxes and Solstices

You can access the events list using the new button to the right of the date controls.