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I just upgraded to PRO. What's next?


Congratulations! You've just upgraded to Photo Ephemeris Web PRO.

What next? You have a wealth of new features at hand.

This post makes a few suggestions on what you might like to check out first.

New Maps - Lots of New Maps!

Longs Peak Map Tile Examples

With your new subscription, you now have access to 12 new map styles, including Google Satellite, Google Terrain, Mapbox Satellite, 3 additional Topographic maps, and more. Read this article to learn all about what's available.

3D Terrain

3D Terrain showing Marble, Colorado

Visit the 3D Sphere page, enable the 3D terrain option, and start exploring the world's best landscapes:

Enable 3D Terrain

Learn more in the tutorial.

Plan your next Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse Timeline

Your PRO subscription provides full details of all lunar eclipses. The information is integrated into the timeline so you can plan shots in context using the map or 3D terrain. Find out more by watching our webinar replay.

Night Photography

Want to shoot the Milky Way? The 3D visualization gives you everything you need to make a plan:

Milky Way over Uluru

High Precision Moon Planning

Need to plan a full moon against a city skyline? Photo Ephemeris Web PRO provides full access to Visual Search, including the ability to set building heights. The app will find all potential dates for your shot over a five year period in an instant, leaving you, the photographer, to put your energy into the creative concept:

Full Moonrise behind the Seattle Space Needle

Check out the dedicated tutorial for planning cityscape alignment shots.

Meteor Showers

PRO subscribers can view the major meteor showers in 3D. The app shows the radiant point of each major event for the days in which it is typically active. For longer lived events (over multiple days), the app accounts for the 'radiant drift' - that is the movement of the apparent radiant point in the sky over time:

Meteor Showers

And much more

Your subscription includes numerous other PRO features, including:

  • Search results as you type
  • Find places near coordinates (reverse geocoding)
  • Choice of SRTM3, SRTM1, AsterGDEM, GTOPO30 and Google Elevation data
  • Show azimuth relative to magnetic north

Explore everything that's available by reading one of our tutorials, videos, or webinars.

We hope you enjoy Photo Ephemeris Web PRO!