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Meteors, Milky Way, and more in Photo Ephemeris Web Pro


Today we’re releasing the 2.1 update to Photo Ephemeris Web. It includes a bunch of new features and refinements for both free and Pro users.

Most prominent amongst the changes: a new 3D Celestial Sphere available for Pro subscribers. Inspired by the 2,000 year old Armillary Sphere, the Sphere page shows a visualization of Sun, Moon, Milky Way, and especially for this week, the radiant point of the Perseid Meteor shower.

The sphere also shows the geodetics secondary pin at the calculated azimuth and altitude, making it super convenient for visualizing alignments. There’s quite a lot going on in this simple looking model, so be sure to read our new detailed tutorial on how to get the most from it: Using Photo Ephemeris Web, Part 7: 3D Celestial Sphere.

Standard Mill Under Milky Way Arch, July 13, 2020, © Jeff Sullivan Standard Mill Under Milky Way Arch, July 13, 2020, © Jeff Sullivan, courtesy of

The rise, transit and set of the galactic centre is now included on the map to supplement the visualisation in the 3D Celestial Sphere page.

We’ve also revamped the link Sharing capability, with a dedicated Share button top right above the map. You can use this to generate a link to your shot plans to share with friends or colleagues or to save wherever you need it:

Share dialog in Photo Ephemeris Web

You can read all about the changes in 2.1 over on the Release Notes page.