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New Status Page


We've just switched over to a shiny new status page, available at

Status pages show whether services on which apps or websites depend are running correctly or not. They're not perfect - they can't capture the whole universe of ways in which things can malfunction, but they do give a quick and convenient check on whether a service is available or not.

With the new version, there are a few nice benefits, principle among them being that you can now subscribe to receive notifications in case of planned maintenance or for updates on any outages that may occur - just click the 'bell' icon at the top right to sign up. (And remember, this email subscription is separate from any others you may have with us, e.g. to our mailing list, or for your account.)

So, if you want to stay updated on how things are running, please go ahead and subscribe for updates! You'll also find the new page linked on our Support page.