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November Updates: Skyfire v3 for Europe, Web App polishing

Skyfire v3 Europe

A couple of updates for November.

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Skyfire Europe is coming to v3 Platform

The new Skyfire v3 platform was launched earlier this autumn, bringing improved forecasts to North America. We're happy to report that the new architecture has been performing very well, with more frequent, reliable forecast updates and much faster map tile loading speeds for all users.

North America forecasts have been available in TPE for iOS 4.10 for a few weeks now. Next up, we're adding Europe to v3. This will be available in a forthcoming app update (4.11) which is currently in beta testing. While the final v3 EU coverage map is still in the process of being locked down during testing, you can expect to see further expansion.

Looking forward, the Skyfire team is excited to be able to add further product enhancements which we look forward to bringing to you in the coming months.

Photo Ephemeris Web

Google Maps looking clean and fresh

Photo Ephemeris Web was updated to v2.6.10.

This minor release takes care of a number of UI oddities that were affecting Google Maps for Pro users. It took a while to get to bottom of the problem, but an update to the Google Maps library made in early September meant that some of the map UI 'furniture' (buttons, controls and the like) were not appearing quite correctly. Most obviously, the new Keyboard shortcuts button was hanging slightly off the map and the StreetView 'Pegman' had disappeared altogether.

We've now managed to get to the bottom of the problem and have fixed these issues. While we were at it, we took the opportunity to do a little pixel polishing and fine-tuned the appearance and positioning of the rest of the Google Maps UI and the subscription page.

Additionally, we're now back on the 'weekly channel' for Google Maps, meaning you'll see any new functionality that Google adds sooner rather than later.

We've got plenty going on behind the scenes with lots of new stuff to come as we move in 2022!

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