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Photo Ephemeris Web 3.0 released


Photo Ephemeris Web 3.0 is released today!

The major change is that Skyfire is now available in the web app. Here are the key points:

  • If you are already a Skyfire subscriber via TPE for iOS or Skyfire for Android, you can now view Skyfire forecasts in Photo Ephemeris Web as well (no additional subscription or payment required)
  • If you're not a Skyfire subscriber, you can now sign up in Photo Ephemeris Web (and access Skyfire in TPE for iOS or Skyfire for Android too)
  • We've added four new forecasts for North America: High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR), North America Mesoscale (NAM), National Blend of Models (NBM), and finally, a confidence map showing the extent to which the three individual models are in agreement with each other
  • There's a much improved display for favorite location forecasts: instead of a only single point color showing overhead conditions, we show the local area, which includes the area of sky you're likely to be able to see
  • You can activate a 7-day free trial of Skyfire in Photo Ephemeris Web to try it out

Read more about subscription and trial options here: Skyfire Subscription Options

We also have a comprehensive guide on how to use Skyfire in Photo Ephemeris Web

And if you want the gory details, see the Release Notes, as always.

Skyfire Favorite Location forecasts

Farewell Timbuktu

We know much you loved starting out in Timbuktu when using Photo Ephemeris Web 😬 - but, no more.

With the 3.0 release, the app will determine your approximate location using your IP address and position the map accordingly. As always, if you have a 'last used' location stored in your browser, a default location preset in Settings, or the URL you use to open the site includes a specific latitude and longitude, those will take precedence.

But otherwise, generally speaking, you should see the app start out in your general vicinity. (If you're one of those clever folks using a proxy or VPN, then you likely already know that YMMV.)

We'd love to hear your feedback on the 3.0 release - please get in touch and let us know how you get on!