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Skyfire available in Photo Ephemeris Web

Skyfire in Photo Ephemeris Web

We're excited to announce that Skyfire, the weather forecasting service for photographers, is now available in beta in Photo Ephemeris Web.

The Skyfire team has worked hard over the past 18 months, completely rebuilding the back end platform (the new 'v3' platform) to support a whole host of improvements, including:

  • Better performance: forecast map tiles now load more quickly than ever before
  • More frequent forecast updates: our forecasts now update as quickly as the underlying source weather models
  • New forecast types: individual forecast models (HRRR, NAM, NBM) are now available for North America, with more in the pipeline
  • New confidence map: we generate a 'confidence' map showing the level of agreement (or disagreement) between the individual forecast models, so you can make a better assessment of the forecast conditions

The new platform is so much more scalable than before: we're able to run as many forecasts in parallel as we want, and Skyfire's forecast delivery system combines multiple regions transparently, so that further geographic expansion is now finally back on the agenda.

In Photo Ephemeris Web, you can now subscribe to Skyfire/Skyfire Plus or combine it with PRO for an all acccess subscription. Plus, we're offering discounted launch pricing for Skyfire subscriptions via Photo Ephemeris Web. You can read all about the available subscription options here.

Quick Access Favorite Locations


We recently updated Photo Ephemeris Web to add support for favorite locations. You can 'star' any location to mark it as a favorite, and then filter to just show favorites with one click (read more).

And now, Skyfire subscribers can view forecasts for their favorite locations at a glance. The new favorite location forecast design shows an area ~20 miles / ~30km around the precise coordinate, so you can see what's expected in the general area, rather than just the exact overhead conditions as before. After all, you don't usually point your camera straight up!

Even better: one click on a favorite forecast will take you to the correct date, time and place on the map, the appropriate forecast shown, making it super easy to explore further.

Confidence Map

For North American users, we now include a confidence map that shows whether the individual underlying weather models that make up the North American portion of the Global Ensemble forecast are in good agreement (white) or not (grey):

Skyfire North America Confidence Map

You can use this to help with your photography decision making: should I get up super early for sunrise? should I drive 100 miles for that sunset? Sometimes the weather is simply hard to predict and the models don't agree on what might happen. We now make it more transparent when that's the case, so you can make your own assessment on what to do.

And what's more, Skyfire now offers access to individual sunrise and sunset forecast models for HRRR, NAM, and NBM. You can explore the differences and see which works best for your part of the country.

What about Europe? We're actively working on adding new source models for Europe too and hope to have more news to share later this year.

You can start exploring Skyfire in Photo Ephemeris Web today. There's a tutorial available to help you get started exploring the new features.