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Skyfire v3 Platform Coming Soon

Skyfire v3 Screenshot

Hourly updates for today's events

The team at our sister company Skyfire Services LLC has been hard at work building an all new v3 backend platform this year. We're pleased to share that it's going to be launching soon.

The predecessor v2 architecture was not very scalable: fixing that was the primary objective for v3. With more scalability, both vertical (bigger servers) and horizontal (and more of them), we're able to increase both the frequency of forecast updates and (down the road) the variety of different forecasts that we make available.

The first release of the new v3 platform addresses North America forecast update frequency. Previously, forecasts were updated every 4 hours or so. At times that meant that the underlying weather forecast could change significantly without the Skyfire forecasts also being updated to reflect that. No more. With v3, forecasts for today's sunrise and sunset, and tomorrow's sunrise are updated every hour. Beyond that, for tomorrow's sunset and the following sunrise, we're updating every 2 hours. And so forth.

Of course, this doesn't guarantee that things still won't change: the underlying weather forecast may prove incorrect, but you can be assured that we're working with the most current information available to provide the Skyfire forecasts.

Right now, Skyfire v3 is in beta testing in The Photographer's Ephemeris for iOS and also in Skyfire's own Android app (you can opt in to try it over on Google Play).

We hope to be releasing final versions in September.

Next steps will include bringing our Europe forecasts onto the v3 platform, and then we hope to release some new forecast products to supplement the core Skyfire map.