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Updates to


We've made a few improvements to our status page at Here are the key changes:

  • Improved names and descriptions
  • Additional services added
  • Link to status page added to footer of Photo Ephemeris Web

Improved Names and Descriptions

We've renamed "Elevation Data" to "3D Terrain (TPE 3D for iOS)" to make it clear how the data is used and which apps are affected by any outage.

For 3rd party services which we monitor but don't control - typically map tile providers - we've included "External" in the name to make that clearer.

Additional Services

We've added four new monitors to the status page:

  • 3D Terrain (Web PRO): if you're using the 3D Sphere page, this is required to view 3D topography
  • OpenTopoMap (external): topographic map style available to Photo Ephemeris Web Pro subscribers (it's a really nice map, but the server is a little temperamental...)
  • Thunderforest Maps (external): many of our map styles come from the wonderful Thunderforest
  • TopPlusOpen map (de, external): this is a very nice black and white street map style from the BKG (the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy), available in Photo Ephemeris Web

If you have any trouble viewing map styles, be sure to check the status page using the new link in the footer of the web app, or in TPE for iOS. (But remember: status monitors don't catch every problem that can occur, but will give you a hint of any wider issues that might be going on).