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TPE for Android is taking a rest

TPE for Android will be unavailable for sale from later this week.

It's fair to say that the app is in need of some significant updating. Right now it lacks features that many users have come to expect, such as Milky Way and augmented reality, which its iOS counterpart has had for some time. As a result, users switching from iOS to Android, or users who are recommended the app by others using the iOS version can end up disappointed or confused.

It's time to remove it from sale until I can get it closer to feature parity with the iOS counterpart. I can't say for sure how soon that will be, but it will at least be a good few months.

In the meantime, for current users, the app remains supported and existing customers will receive updates for critical bug fixes. The supporting services for location search, elevation, maps, time zone data, etc. all remain available.