Photo Ephemeris Web

Desktop photo planning

Photographers who produce great work often make grand plans.

And there's no better way to plan natural light than on a large screen, where you can explore maps to your heart's content.

Photo Ephemeris Web runs in your computer's browser (no download or install required) and gives you the most advanced light planning tools together with a variety of map styles to meet every situation.

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Desktop Web App

Photo Ephemeris Web is the latest incarnation of the original 'TPE', and is the outdoor photography planning tool used by tens of thousands of photographers, amateur and professional, around the world.

Its core purpose remains the same as ever: to provide an elegant, visual way to plan the natural light of the sun and the moon for your outdoor photography.

Free to use

You can use Photo Ephemeris Web free of charge. It's a great way to get started learning about photography planning. Try it out today to get a sense of the sort of insights you can gain.

Once you're ready to go further, consider a PRO subscription or try our mobile apps to take your shot planning to the next level.

No download needed

There's nothing to download or install with Photo Ephemeris Web: you simply open it directly in your browser.

You'll need to be running an up-to-date modern web browser, which you can download for free.

Locations and shot plans

Save your favorite locations and they'll synchronize automatically between your devices.

You can copy, save, or share a link to your shots planned with Photo Ephemeris Web. And if you have the mobile app, you can open the same link directly on your device!

Free features

  • High quality street map
  • Sunrise, sunset
  • Moonrise, moonset
  • Sun and moon azimuth/altitude
  • Moon phases
  • Place name search
  • Decimal coordinate entry
  • Point-to-point distance, bearing, elevation angle
  • Visual Search - Sun

LocationIQ Search by

PRO Features

  • Google Maps (street, satellite, terrain)
  • Google Street View
  • Additional map styles: Outdoor, Landscape, Transport, and more
  • Galactic Centre, and Meteors in 3D Celestial Sphere
  • 3D terrain model with dynamic lighting and shadows
  • Band of the Milky Way
  • Search results as you type
  • Unlimited address searches
  • Find places near coordinates (reverse geocoding)
  • Choice of SRTM3, SRTM1, AsterGDEM, GTOPO30 and Google Elevation data
  • Show azimuth relative to magnetic north
  • Visual Search - Sun, Moon, Galactic Centre
  • Lunar Eclipses (penumbral, partial, total, eclipse magnitude, time of greatest eclipse)

The web app is free to use. Optional Pro plan available. Sign in for details.