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View the upcoming eclipses in The Photographer's Ephemeris

The annular eclipse is coming up this weekend, on Saturday Oct 14, in fact. We know many of you are planning to photograph it. And if not this eclipse, then definitely the next total eclipse on April 8 2024...

Meet our new Astronomy APIs

You may notice a new link in the header on this site: API. As part of expanding the functionality of our apps over the past year, we've been building out a set of web services to deliver a variety of astronomical and geospatial data. These services are already powering a number of...

Photo Ephemeris Web 3.7 - some updates

Some notable changes to Photo Ephemeris Web in 3.7: account sign in is optional, a new start page, a new site tour, and free solar eclipse info for 2023 and 2024.

Remembering childhood sunsets

Our friends at Rocky Nook kindly offered the opportunity to write a short article about The Photographer's Ephemeris to be published in conjunction with a webinar they offered last week, presented by Glenn Randall.

Photo Ephemeris Web 3.3: new maps, Skyfire forecasts

We just released an update to Photo Ephemeris Web, version 3.3, which includes many new features and improvements for both free, Pro subscribers, and Skyfire customers.


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